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Hay Day SuperCell:

Supercell is the new buzz in the games market which is dominated by major players like EA, Steam, Microsoft and so on this new small company take the world by storm from the launch of the first game Clash of Clans. That games makes Supercell so popular that it tops the charts even after years of releasing the games and making Supercell the biggest player in android or facebook games market. The changing landscape of Operating system from Windows and Macintosh gaming to smaller devices, mobiles gaming on android and iOs have also allowed the new entrants to take on big players without much investment and providing almost a level playing field for everyone.

Hay day is one of the 4 games launched by supercell and is fairly popular in market, other are Boom Beach, Clash Royale (get clash royale hack), Clash of Clans. Its a resource management strategy game and not a action or adventure genre. This makes it different from Clash of Clans and Boom Beach and people allergic to action adventures games got a new platform. There are many more games in strategy genre but two things contribute most in the popularity of this game.

1)Supercell: Being from a brand supercell it automatically gets a lot of traction and people just like that so much.

2) Graphics and game play: Well this is the most important factor for any games success and supercell seems to got it right again after the chartbuster clash of clans.

Hay day is a bit time consuming game and not very interesting if you are just starting. Once you unlock higher level the games really become more exiting. So how can you reach the higher levels if you are just starting? First you can use the costly resources to speed up the things but they are so limited that you wont be able to unlock a next level even when all your resources are exhausted. Second way is to use Hay Day cheats and hacks, yeah not very ethical but who cares! Wasting days in games just to make it more interesting is totally foolish and if I got any hack that will save me that painstaking experience I will take it anyday.

There are few drawbacks in using this. Most of the hacks available in the market either dont work or are bonded with virus so you must be very careful and scan it with latest anti virus before using.

Competitors of Xbox

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